Dedicated to the improvement of the bluestone industry.

The Pennsylvania Bluestone Association (PBA) is an organization started in 1966 by a group of interested people involved in the stone industry that were concerned about the future.

This organization still exists today with over 100 members who represent the industry at Federal, State and Local Government levels.  The industry remains strong because of the dedication of these individuals.  Our future in the bluestone industry has been greatly improved through past and present communication with the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA), as well as State and Local Representatives of Government .

Even in these times of economic trouble the bluestone industry provides many jobs and affects hundreds of other industries and related services.  We are producing millions of dollars of product per year.

Our goals continue to be the improvement of the bluestone industry through continuing education and communication with government agencies.  We must also unite the quarrymen, landowners and the general public about our industry and how it involves so many people.


  • DEP Bond Rates changed to a per acre rate instead of using “full cost bond rates”, saving all operators thousands of dollars.
  • Dave Weaver Scholarship: The PBA awards a $500.00 scholarship each year to a qualified student meeting the qualifications set forth by Dave Weaver.  Applications are available in the high school guidance office.
  • Impact Study: This is a study for our commissioners, congressmen, and senators to see the economic impact that bluestone has on a county by county basis.  When the PBA explains why we do not want a certain tax or law put in place, they see how much of a local affect they will make, positively or negatively.
  • MSHA Training:  Part 46 annual refresher training courses held free of charge for PBA members.  Training will be available on a yearly basis.
  • 2010 Joint New York and PBA Expo: In 2008 we gave away 2 trucks and had a great attendance and participation from our vendors with the help of the New York Bluestone Association.  Watch your newsletters for updated information on this huge event.  See info on the 2010 Expo in this website.
  • Educational Video:  This video was created to educate our landowners, dignitaries and anyone that has an interest in bluestone.  It is available to our members.
  • Harford Fair Booth: To promote the bluestone industry and make more information available to end users, landowners, and current quarry operators or new quarrymen entering the business.

Please review our website and take this opportunity to print the membership document to become a member and support our efforts.  Thank you.

Current Directors:

Todd Schmidt, President
Eddie Greene III, Vice President
Marty Evans, Secretary/Treasurer
Bill Albert
Michael Fabrizi
Jim Marcy
Bill Ruark
Charlie Wage